Shot of the Week: Lion & Rose's Purple Gecko




It's more of a dark blue...(Katie Bosworth)

When you think of a pub you think of beer. But the Lion & Rose Restaurant and Pub offers beer and so much more. I walked into this joint after a long day of classes looking for two things: food and a much-needed shot. I asked the bartender what she could mix up for me; she made a Purple Gecko.

The illusive Purple Gecko is a combination of tequila, raspberry liqueur and a splash of sweet and sour mix. Even though it is a tequila-based shot, the burn of tequila is toned down by the sweetness of the raspberry liqueur. The name may be slightly misleading because it definitely looks blue-ish rather than purple, but you will forget about the color if you have a few more shots.

You can have your own Purple Gecko by giving the Lion & Rose Restaurant and Pub a visit at 5148 Broadway Street. Their kitchen is open from 11 a.m. until midnight, but you can stick around awhile because their bar is open until 2 a.m.