Shot of the Week: Urth Juice Bar's Ginger-Orange Shot




Goes down smooth.

I'm pretty sure this isn't the type of shot, LMFAO raps about, but I decided to take a healthier approach to shots this week.

With the upsurge of juice bars to open with the last year (Juicer Heroes, Revolucion Coffee + Juice, Urth, One Lucky Duck and Farm to Juice), there were plenty of options to choose from. I visited my neighborhood juice bar, Urth at the Yard, which recently extended its hours (7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday; 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday).

The space is comfy and bright with art work splashed on every wall. Owners Elsa Alonzo and Jared Dodds and staff re whipping up juices and smoothies available in 16-ounce portions.

But back to the shot...there are two varieties to choose from: beet or ginger. A staff member recommended adding orange slices to the ginger shot to help lessen the kick, so I went for it. Often used to settle an upset stomach or alleviate nausea, ginger is also used in a  slew of Asian dishes, desserts and as a palate cleanser. The ginger shot was sweet (from the oranges) which helped mute the heat without being overwhelming.

At $4 a pop, the shot was on par with just about any other shot we've taken for this blog series, but you might not want to test having several of them at once.