Rockbot Hits SA




Rockbot's mobile interface. (Courtesy)

A new music service has hit town. The Bend Sports Bar (7730 Bandera) has started using Rockbot, a mobile jukebox app, which helps guests pick songs, vote on upcoming music, interact with other bar-goers, share on social media, and review bar specials. The service recently partnered with Miller Lite to create a personalized bar-going experience.

Rachel Abell, general manager for The Bend, talked about why the joint decided to go with Rockbot.

How long has the Bend been using Rockbot? We first heard about Rockbot earlier this summer in June. We ran a trial and signed up for the service right after. We’ve been using the service for just over three months and we love it.

 What system were they using before? Prior to Rockbot, we were using an internet jukebox. The internet jukebox was not an ideal solution for our business or our customers, because of its limited song selection and lack of customizable features. In our evaluation of Rockbot, we believed that Rockbot would provide a more exciting and relevant experience for everybody involved and we were right. Rockbot has proved to be a huge improvement over the Internet jukebox, providing our customers with a much more personalized experience.

What are some pros of Rockbot? Do bar-goers enjoy the level of social media interaction? Since implementing Rockbot, we have noticed that our customers are staying at the bar longer because they're using the application and therefore eating and drinking more, leading to larger bills – so that has been the biggest advantage for us.

They are requesting songs with the mobile application, and seem to be most excited about the social aspect of receiving votes on their own picks and voting for their friends' picks. They also enjoy the social media aspect of the system, sharing their song choices and location via social media, which in turn promotes our bar. Rockbot’s music selection is also much larger than our old jukebox’s selection, so we get more variety in our music. We also have more control over the vibe because we can create our own custom list of songs from Rockbot’s collection of songs for our customers to choose from.