Shot of the Week: Blue-Eyed Floozy




Get seduced by this Blue-Eyed Floozy.

‘Brown-Eyed Girl,’ ‘Green-Eyed Lady,’ these songs ran through my head as I drank this week's shot, the Blue-Eyed Floozy. The BEF doesn’t need to be a song name; it does perfectly fine being a shot.

This shot consists of equal parts UV Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade Vodka and lemon juice.   The raspberry and lemonade flavors kind of make you forget about the fact that it consists of alcohol. I can definitely see how people can drink it and become a bit of a blue- (or brown- or green-eyed) floozy. I don’t think this shot discriminates. It is the perfect shot to take after a long day at work when you’re craving something a little sweet. Talk about a great conversation starter...