Great Odin's Raven! Ben & Jerry's Teases 'Anchorman' Ice Cream




Loud noises! We can't wait. (Courtesy)

I don't know if you know this, but this is kind of a big deal. The Vermont ice cream makers released a photo of a new "Anchorman"-themed ice cream and we're pumped. We're adding it to our list of things we love ("poetry, and a glass of scotch, and, of course, my friend Baxter here").

We're guessing the release will correspond with the release of "Anchorman: The Legend Continues" out December 20. Turns out milk was a good choice. The release follows other celeb-based treats by the ice cream giant including Liz Lemon's Greek Frozen Yogurt, Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack and, of course, Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream.