Medieval Times: Dude Uses Sword to Demand Free Tacos




Listen guy, we'd all love free tacos but this is a bit much. KSAT first reported on the incident involving a 28-year-old man who walked into a Southeast Bexar County Mexican restaurant, ordered six tacos and refused to pay for the order last week.

Instead Adam Kramer, (we're calling him Zorro among other things), "began pulling a sword in and out of a six-inch sheath on his waist" according to the affidavit obtained by KSAT. Inigo Montoya then decided to step outside, which led to him getting locked out of the establishment. Aragorn then made several threats before finally riding off in what we can only assume was some sort of majestic steed. He was later arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

One question: What kind of tacos were they?