Recipe We Love: Thomas Keller's Roasted Chicken




A before and after of my bird. (Courtesy)

I first learned of Thomas Keller's recipe via Buzzfeed of all places. The recipe seemed too good to be true: three ingredients and less than two hours is all it takes to make a great roasted bird? I had to see for myself.

The recipe is fairly easy to follow (you can find it at Epicurious). The most gruesome part is reaching into the chicken to remove any wayward bits, but that's about it. If you've never trussed a chicken before this video should clear things up:

Pro-Tip: Take your time drying your bird. The bird has to be extremely dry, which takes several minutes, but leads to amazing crispy skin. And much like Keller says in the video, don't skimp on the salt. Feel free to add different herbs, but really, this bird was pretty stellar without much fuss.