Shot of the Week: The Tiny Toddy




Anyone under the weather? (Dustin Dooling)

Your favorite shot jockey is a little under the weather so this week’s shot is a break from the usual colorful concoctions. As many libations have been known to have positive medicinal qualities, such as Jagermeister’s ability to calm an upset stomach and help digestion, I sought something for a common cold.

In my 12 years as a bartender I can’t count the times I heard patrons sing the praises of the “Hot Toddy”—a whiskey or brandy-based drink mixed with honey, hot tea and lemon—to relieve a sore throat. So, I miniaturized it and came up with the Tiny Toddy, a warming shot that calmed my cough and soothed my scratchy throat.

½ ounce hot herbal tea

1 ounce Jack Daniels

½ teaspoon honey

Lemon wedge

Heat/Brew tea. Add 1 ounce of whiskey. Stir in honey. Squeeze lemon. Drink while still hot.