Practice Makes Perfect: Lis Forsythe prepares for Speed Rack Nationals




Forsythe's sharpening her tools for the May 8 competition.

Miss Speed Rack Texas is getting ready for nationals and that means practice rounds. Lis Forsythe, this year's winner of Miss Speed Rack Texas is preparing for nationals on May 8 in NYC with a round of practice sessions at Hot Joy (1014 S Alamo), the sister restaurant of Barbaro, where Forsythe is currently serving as bar manager.

For $20, patrons can order four cocktails from a list of classic cocktails, two of which will be shaken and two stirred. Forsythe will need to have down pat before her trip to the Big Apple. She will takeover the Hot Joy bar Sundays and Mondays through May 5 from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.