SA Butcher Wins National Meat Cutting Challenge




Reynaldo Delgado, a butcher with Texas Roadhouse for the last 12 years, has been named victor at this year's National Meat Cutting Challenge sponsored by A1 as part of the chain's national conference held April 27. (Read: He's very good with his hands.)

Delgado, who came in second during the past two year's, scored $20,000 and title of Meat Cutter of the Year by beating out seven other contestants (whittled down from an original batch of more than 200 in regional events) during a timed "cut-off."

According to a press release, contestants "receive 30-40 pounds of beef consisting of two sirloins, one filet and one ribeye to cut. Cutters are judged on quality, yield, and speed. The winner is the meat cutter who yields the most steaks, with the highest quality cut in the least amount of time. To assure the best, freshest quality meat, all cutting is done at a chilly 38 degrees." I sure as hell couldn't do it.

To celebrate Delgado's win, the Texas Roadhouse at 2893 Cinema Ridge will host a "Meat and Greet" on Friday, May 2, from 3 to 6 p.m.