Shot of the Week: Bomb Pop




Childhood memories are flooding back. (Dusting Dooling)

One of the many joys and tortures growing up, was hearing the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the road and frantically running home, smashing your piggy bank and trying to track down that hauntingly delicious sound. When you were lucky enough to flag him down with a pocket full of nickels, it was then time to make your decision. For an adolescent playing outside on a summer day, this decision would shape the rest of your afternoon.

For yours truly, my decision was always the bomb—The Bomb Pop that is. So, with summer around the corner and an air of nostalgia I present, the Bomb Pop shot.

1/3 ounce Sprite/Smirnoff Ice

1/3 ounce lemon vodka

2/3 ounce Blue Curacao

2/3 ounce Grenadine

First combine sprite and vodka over ice to chill. Once chilled, strain into shot glass. Then, using a spoon, carefully layer the blue curacao and then the grenadine. Take your time in order to get the desired layered effect. For the full effect, I recommend finding an old music box to listen to while shooting these.