Shot of the Week: Lunch Break




Daytime drinking is the best drinking. (Dustin Dooling)

This week’s shot is a testament to my adoration of daytime drinking. Sun up, bottom’s up should be everyone’s motto. However, many of you have jobs that selfishly dictate your daytime hours. Fear not, that’s what lunch breaks are for.

This week’s shot of the week, the Lunch Break, is a breezy and smooth shot that wont leave you with boozy breath. It also won’t win you any points with the hardcore daytime regulars, but someone has to get some work done around here

6 ounces beer

2 ounces orange juice

1 ¼ ounce Amaretto

Pour beer into a pint glass or mug. Top with orange juice. Pour Amaretto into separate shot glass. Bombs away work blues!