Cockasian Food Truck Up for Grabs




The much-maligned Cockasian Food Truck is done. According to the MySA's Kolten Parker, the truck has been put up for sale on eBay for a cool $80K, with owner Candie Yoder basically saying the truck was too much to keep up with.

Yeah, food trucks are tough. It's like running a full-blown restaurant, except everything breaks and needs constant maintenance. You have to deal with ridiculously hot temperatures inside the truck and it takes time finding a sweet spot. Food truck owners/operators are tough.

This isn't a knock on Yoder, a wife and mother of three, who'd been working on opening the truck since November, by any means. At least she knows when to quit (just under two months since opening)–though the truck will continue operating until a buyer comes forward. It's a damn shame 'cause those Korean Fried Chicken tenders were quite tasty.

Although someone might come along and buy the truck and Yoder's recipes, I'm bidding adieu to our favorite dick joke with a top 5 headlines I wanted to use for this post:

1. Cockasian Food Truck Goes Flaccid

2. Cockasian Food Truck Cant Get it Up

3. Cockasian Food Truck Swears This Never Happened Before

4. Cockasian Food Truck Can't Last

5. Premature Exit for Cockasian Food Truck