Shot of the Week: Malibu Barbie





Ah, Pinterest. Leave it to the online collage board to have some of the most girly sounding shots around. I stumbled on this treat recently while pinning food and drink recipes.

The original recipe calls for Kinky liqueur, which unfortunately still isn't available in Texas. I switched things up and subbed in good ol' X-Rated, and voila. Make these when you're ready to hit up the pool–they're still tasty after they melt in the summer heat.

1 (3-ounce) box of peach Jell-O

1 cup boiling water

1/2 cup X-Rated liqueur

1/2 cup Malibu

Dissolve Jell-O in the boiling water, add in X-Rated and Malibu. Poor into individual Dixie cups or 1-ounce containers and chill for at least two hours.