B Daddy's BBQ In Running For 2014 BBQ Food Truck Of The Year




If only electronics had smell rays. It's 2014 dammit, let's get on that. (via)

SA-based mobile food truck B Daddy's BBQ is currently in the running for the 2014 BBQ Food Truck Of The Year on mobilecuisine.com. Fourteen other contestants are vying against B Daddy's to win the coveted prize.

The truck, which usually sets up shop at The Block, offers an expansive menu of barbecue items including their made from scratch mac n cheese, potato salad, brisket, chicken, baby back ribs and sausage.

In 2012, owner B.R. Anderson decided to open up the joint after this backyard BBQ buds pushed him to share his homemade meats and treats.

On the recipe used for his famous mac 'n' cheese, Anderson laughs "people swear I put crack in it." The truck also features such goodies as the spicy coleslaw and a jalapeno-infused version of their creamed corn.

Anderson uses his special homemade rub for all of B Daddy's meats and swears by the fact that he only uses fresh cut wood to smoke with, as opposed to charcoal or gas grilling.

The traveling food truck can be found at The Block on weekends and sometimes at the Bud Light Courtyard (AT&T Center) for major events. Details on their location can be found on their Facebook page.

B Daddy lovers can put their ballot for the esteemed food truck here. Voting ends on Friday, July 4 at midnight.

For more on B Daddy's BBQ, find them on Facebook.