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Bottoms up, muchachos. (Via)

San Anto's 15-minutes continue with a vid with host Shane-O and local guide and bar-boss Jeret Peña. The vid includes stops at Mission Reach, Natural Bridge Caverns and other local must-stops, along with eats and drinks at Brooklynite (OBVIOUSLY), Esquire Tavern, Local Coffee, Pearl Farmers Market (based on Peña's recommendations) and a stop at Tito's Mexican Restaurant for Barbacoa & Big Red (which Peña calls "Mexican Champagne" since growing up on the West side).

The video was shot over a three days in May, the same weekend as Culinaria, with Peña devoting a solid 12-hours to each day for the shoot.

Why was Shane-O so skeptical about the ghost tracks? What other spots would you have taken him to? Let us know in the comments below.