Shot of the Week: Texas Summer




Yeehaw. (Dustin Dooling)

Mixing your three favorite flavors is the easiest way to come up with a taste you enjoy, contrary to what most chefs might tell you. Then again, this blog has nothing to do with food and everything to do with booze. This week’s shot, Texas Summer, is a mash-up of my favorite flavors and summer-time tastes. It starts a little zesty with some fresh cucumber; which is ushered away by the effortless sweetness of watermelon, eventually giving way to the spice of Absolut Texas vodka.

This shot is THE summer shot. Stock up. Summers don’t last forever, even in Texas.


1 ¼ ounce Absolut Texas

½ ounce fresh cucumber juice

½ ounce fresh watermelon juice

Add all three ingredients to shaker. Shake until chilled. Serve immediately.