What I Ate: Figs, ice cream and a visit to Mariscos El Bucanero


Today's post is a bit of a mixed bag. I went foraging, I had a bit of a cheat day, I ate lots of ceviche. As evidenced in our #SAfoodpics post, other San Antonians hit the town in search of everything tasty.

Word to the wise, if you're going to Mariscos El Bucanero on a weekend, get there early, make sure you have a teensy party, and you might get sat within five minutes of getting there (as long as you're willing to sit outside and enjoy the breezy patio). It turns into a bit of a madhouse, but in the most delicious way.

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Found a fig tree off Mulberry. Nice mid-walk snack. #whatiate


Kept the fig party going with a fig tart with goat cheese and mascarpone from @bakery_lorraine #cheatday #whatiate


The #cheatday continues Amy's Ice Cream. #whatiate


El Bucanero for lunch. #sundayfunday #mariscos #whatiate #safoodpics


And then I went back to Earth Burger. #whatiate hummus and carrots as a side


Work lunch via Central Market. #whatiate


Found my new favorite dish at SeƱor Veggie. The Samosa Plate with curried sweet potatoes, spiced lentils and basmati rice. Delish. #vscocam


Taking photos of the Yucatan menu at @naorestaurant. #safoodpics


It's a working happy hour. #whatiate #whatidrank French radishes, butter, salt and olives at Rosella.