Shot of the Week : Game Time




Photo by Dustin Dooling

It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school. The nights begin to get a little colder. You’re a little bit older. None of that matters. Let’s focus on what really matters: Football is back. It’s time for tailgating, beer-swigging, bratwurst-smoking, and concussion-inducing football. Lazy Sundays are now football Sundays. Friday night lights are in full effect. Whether its high school, college or NFL action, this is the best time of year–the time of gridiron gods.

In honor of America’s real past-time, I present to you, Game Time. This shot is potent and poignant. It is a kick in the tail for your tail gating action. At kickoff, to start the second half, or just making fantasy football adjustments, this shots signals you’re ready for action. Grab some buddies. It’s game time!

1 ounce Jagermeister

1 ounce Fireball

1 ounce Red Bull

Shake the Jager and Fireball together to chill. Top with Redbull. Pass it around.