SA Food Pics: 10 pics that are screen-lickin' good


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There are times when you're just skimming Instagram and wishing you could lick the screen because the food pics look so good. Today was one of those days for me. Lamb from Folc (226 E Olmos), pizza and drinks at Barbaro (2720 McCullough), and the eggplant waffle at Bite (1012 S Presa) were just a few reasons I may need a screen cleaner for my iPhone. Forget your fingers; today you're gonna be lickin' your screens.

Share your screen-lickin' good pics using the #SAFoodPics hashtag on Instagram and maybe we'll all get to lust over them next week. Be sure to holler at me on Instagram and Twitter @MrCJHarper if you just can't wait to share what you're eating with me.

Grabbed a Pumpkin Cheesecake!

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Fried chicken & Chilis for Sunday brunch. #BecauseFriedChicken. and also #BecauseBottomlessMimosas.

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Tuna bacon salad from Guillermo's get in my belllyyyy! #safoodpics #delish #healthy?

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Lamb for two... Chantrells- heirloom carrots- peas- shoots- onion Demi. #folcfresh

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This is our view currently. Jealous? 🍕🍹 #barbaro #sanantonio #safoodpics

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Eggplant waffle at #Bite #SATX #safoodpics #foodies #noms #safoodies

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