Mixtli, Godai Sushi Team Up for 12-course Dinner



If there's something I'm a fan of it's collaboration. The folks at Mixtli, who collab with other chefs to put on Alamo City Provisions dinners, are now teaming up with Goro Pitchford, of Godai Sushi, for a 12-course tasting menu on Monday, December 8, at 6 p.m. inside Godai Sushi (11203 West). It's a case of old meets new and it'll likely be delicious.

The menu looks pretty enticing so far and includes hits from both Japan and Mexico and the similarities found between both cuisines including hamachi carpaccio and lobster sashimi, along with an ancho pepper-glazed, smoked and sous vide short rib and Heritage Pork albondigas.

Tickets, $125, are available through restaurantmixtli.com.