We've Got Your Super Bowl Balls Right Here


The Super Bowl. I don't really know much about it other than it's going down this Sunday, and that I'll be switching back and forth between that and Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl during commercials.

What I do know about Super Bowl XLIX is that Tom Brady and the rest of the New England (kind of a generic area, no ... where exactly is their stadium?) Patriot's had to explain their ball situation at length. 

Cheating in professional sports is, well, probably rampant and this whole thing blows. To keep the ball jokes going, here are a few snack choices that won't bring the party down.

Buffalo Ranch Cheese Ball

  • whatscookinglove.com

Keep it traditional with this number. Get the recipe at WhatsCookingLove.com

Raspberry Zinger Balls

  • Clarkscondensed.com

These are on the sweeter side of things, but at least they match the Patriot's uniforms? Get the recipe at ClarksCondensed.com. 

Popcorn Balls

  • marthastewart.com
Because you need something crunchy to take in the drama of it all. Also Katy Perry's performing at the halftime show, which means it'll be quite a spectacle. Get the recipe at MarthaStewart.com. 

Nutella Cheese Ball

  • givemesomeoven.com

One team will inevitably lose (if life is fair, it'll be the Patriots). You'll need something to drown your sorrows in and chocolate always seems to help. Get the recipe at GiveMeSomeOven.com. 

Asian Meatballs

  • givemesomeoven.com

Protein. All the players on the field eat it, why shouldn't you? Get the recipe at GiveMeSomeOven.com. 

Donut Holes

  • Sweetcsdesigns.com

This one requires the use of a cake pop machine ... but 10 minutes sounds totally doable. Get the recipe at SweetCsDesigns.com.