Is Dorcol Distilling Looking For A New Bartender On Craigslist Personal Section?



Chris Mobley and Boyan Kalusevic of Dorcol Distilling Company are looking for a new bartender to helm their rakia-based program after former bar manager Nick Kenna hopped on over to Blue Box. 

The guys have a sense of humor about it, though, posting up this goofy casual encounters image to their Facebook page (no, it's not real, I checked...and of course, just found a bunch of dick pics). 


Here's what cheeky Kalusevic had to say about the mock post:

"A 16-month relationship in the bar industry is considered eternity, so after our third's departure after 16 months Chris and I reached out to a few close friends who would guest bartend so we can move forward without the stress of a quick hire. We wanted to take a couple weeks to figure out what traits would be must-haves for our next third. We think we are pretty easy going guys and thought what better way to get the word out then a mock-Craigslist hookup ad. Not a serious one, obviously, but figured it'd catch folks attention. After all, we are a tiny operation and need to click well with our third. We need that someone to get our humor for sure. The final candidate must have creativity and passion for craft spirits and cocktails. The bar operations themselves we can teach again."

Know a bartender who can work their magic using one apricot-based spirit? Have them email