Texas' Most Distinctive Food Is Breakfast Tacos Because Of Course It Is



A map making the rounds on the interwebs plots the most distinctive food for each state, according to Foursquare, a relic of Web 2.0 that is apparently still trucking along. (Click here for the map's full interactive glory.)

Texas' most distinctive food? Breakfast tacos, of course. No surprise there. 

According to mapbox.com, where the map was originally published, Texans craved breakfast tacos 3,861 percent more than any other state, as evident by the plethora of Foursquare check-ins at Austin breakfast taco joints. But, as we are all well aware, Austin loves bragging about breakfast tacos on social media, while we here in San Antonio just enjoy eating them without making a big deal about it. 

[h/t Mental Floss]