Texas Has A New Ben & Jerry's Flavor



No big surprise — Bourbon Pecan Pie was voted the winner of Ben & Jerry's Texas-Church Summer Tour. The four-month summer tour through Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, pitted two Texas-centric flavors against each other: Bourbon Pecan Pie with shortbread cookie pieces and Bar-B-Qu Peach with ancho chili caramel swirl. 

The pint, which follows the brand's other Texan partnership with Willie Nelson on Country Peach Cobbler, will be available throughout Texas and in Scoop Shops throughout the state. 

Bourbon and pecan pie bits was the obvious and most amazing choice because booze and the state nut, sure, but as Texans, we're just jazzed we get our own special flavor (which we sampled during the tour and loved). Read more about the flavor, which won with 79 percent of the vote, and why it's awesome here