The Monterey Brings Back Greatest Hits


  • Courtesy/The Monterey

The countdown is on. As previously reported, The Monterey (1127 S. St. Mary's St., 210-745-2581) is closing its doors on November 4, 2015, and we probably won't ever get another eatery like it. Choose any of the following videos to play while you read about our culinary sadness. 

Did The Monterey introduce us to Brussel sprouts? No. I first had them as a little niƱa and thought little of them, but what they did introduce us to was tasty renditions of said wee cabbage cousins. Those sweet chili and peanut-covered suckers are back on the menu for the last four weeks of operation along with other favorites. Monty groupies (including myself) can chow down on the smoked fried chicken, Frito Pie po'boy and, yes, the grilled cheese sando through November 4. A big bash will bookend the fifth anniversary/closing. 

Though not set in stone just yet, the Empty Stomach lads are hoping to bring in a few long-gone chefs who cut their teeth at The Monty. Expect the occasional tasting menu or two to pop-up on your radar in the coming weeks. Go help owner Chad Carey finish off those sherry bottles. 

(My personal fave is Boys II Men, of course, but you should probably arm yourself with one of these while listening to it.)