Jason Dady Hosts Lobster Week


A whole week to celebrate lobster. - FLICKR/BENSON KUA
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  • A whole week to celebrate lobster.

It's time for a simple quiz. 

Do you like lobster?
A. Yes, of course.
B. Only with ever meal.
C. Never had it.
D. Nah, it's a sea spider.

Do you enjoy Jason Dady's restaurants?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. I've got the Insignia Burger tattooed on my chest.
D. Duh. 

Are you into inexpensive meals?
A. Yes
B. No — the pricier, the better. *dabs self with $100 bill*
C. Always. Sign me up. 
D. Shit yah.

If you've answered A to most of these completely useless questions, then you'll be jazzed to know that chef Jason Dady will host Lobster Week at Tre Enoteca (sorry, Shuck Shack fans). Starting Tuesday, October 13 and going through Saturday, October 17, the Italian eatery at 555 W. Bitters Road, will feature a four-course menu filled with your favorite sea creature for $35. No that's not a typo. Yes, I triple checked. Yes, that's four courses for less than one $40 lobster roll from Shuck Shack. 

Call 210-496-0555 to reserve your spot. 

Here's a shot at of the menu: