Anthony Bourdain Doesn't Want Your Tex-Mex, Texas


Anthony Bourdain does not like Tex-Mex. - COURTESY
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  • Anthony Bourdain does not like Tex-Mex.

Come on, Anthony Bourdain. First he skips San Antonio for his Close to the Bone tour, then he goes and disses Tex-Mex.

In an interview with Austin CultureMap, celebrity chef/travel writer/documentary filmmaker/all-around cool human being Anthony Bourdain said that he wasn't coming to Texas to do what you'd think. "There will be no barbecue in the show; there will be no Tex-Mex." he said when asked what's on the agenda when he films an episode of Parts Unknown in Houston next year.

He also talked about hating Tex-Mex, which should fill you with unexplainable rage until you realize that he's talking about Chili's and Taco Bell, which according to him is not an option with all of the more authentic options we have.

Not a big Tex-Mex fan — unless drunk, in which case, it seems like a really, really good idea. I have eaten airport nachos. Just as, if you run out of water for two days you start thinking about killing your neighbor, give me a few hours in an airport and I’m thinking about nacho grande (laughs)

While the Nacho Grande is definitely not Tex-Mex, I, for one, applaud his constant search for the authentic and look forward to how he will "do something weird with our own specific, strange, non-representative agenda" and possibly "fuck it up," filling it with tourists.  Also please come to San Antonio. We have some tacos to give you.

Here's our handy guide to SA's interior Mexican food scene. Call me, I'll give you a personal tour.