Paste Magazine Calls San Antonio the "Orlando of Texas"



Today, Paste magazine's City in a Glass, a series about drinking and traveling, hits up San Antonio. In the writeup, the magazine calls San Antonio the "Orlando of Texas" – that is, a family-friendly city with a G-rated reputation that overshadows its more sophisticated drinking, dining and nightlife scenes. 

To dispel that reputation, City in a Glass highlights "a few only-in-San-Antonio swills that even a notorious local rabble-rouser like Davy Crockett could get behind." Columnist Alyson Sheppard talks to bartenders and beverage directors from the Esquire Tavern, the Brooklynite and the Last Word and gets their recipes for signature cocktails you won't find anywhere else. 

But let's get back to that "Orlando of Texas" thing for a minute – if San Antonio is the equivalent of Orlando, we guess that makes the Alamo Disney World and the River Walk the closest thing this city gets to a water park. But let's get one thing straight – when it comes to NBA teams, let's not ever compare the Spurs to the Magic, OK? Because there really is no comparison. 

Anyway, you can read Paste's writeup here.