The Piecaken Is Everything You Want in a Dessert, And It's Here to Destroy You


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Now thereโ€™s this new craze: piecaken or a quicker way to diabeetus. From its initial invention in 2010, this heartily sweet version of the turducken serves to remind us that, as Americans, if we can make anything more excessive, we will. So how does this even work? From first glance the piecaken looks like your average cake but take a slice into this behemoth and reveal its true form.

So its part cake and part pie but what is this really? I think itโ€™s the answer to all our prayers. It can satisfy your cravings for pecan pie all the while letting you have your cake and eat it too. This is the ultimate way to end your day long gorge on the most thankful day of all. For starters now youโ€™ll have something cool to say thanks about at dinner when everyone is awkwardly staring at you. 

This is like...a thing? #piecake #piecaken ewwww, I'd still try it tho.

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