Torchy's Announces Its Taco of the Month for December


This is the South Pole taco. - COURTESY
  • Courtesy
  • This is the South Pole taco.
Torchy's Tacos has announced its taco of the month for December, and it doesn't look too b-aaaaaaa-d.

That's a lamb pun. There's lamb in this taco.

Dubbed "The South Pole," the taco is topped with avocado, french fried onions, cotija cheese, cranberry habanero jam and cilantro. 

Some of you out there are Torchy's naysayers, and believe that an "inauthentic" taco is not worth your time. I disagree with that position. An open taco mind makes for a healthy brain and a full stomach.

Sample this tasty lamb taco treat at any local Torchy's location through December 31. So hurry! The offer won't l-aaaaaaa-st!