Resolutions, Schmesolutions: You Can Order Girl Scout Cookies Now!


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  • Ha. Suckers.

Girl Scout cookie pre-sale season is upon us aka it's time to stock up on Samoas, the best Girl Scout cookie ever. Hands down. 

Cookie fiends who have depleted their stash of freezer Thin Mints can place their orders with entrepreneurial #bossladies (the cookie program is the largest girl-run business) as they come knockin' on your door or ambushing you at church or at a holiday brunch, as was my case. 

The net revenue earned by each local council stays within the area and helps fund service projects locally. 

Resolution makers who are trying not to eat a few dozen Tagalongs or refuse to try the new Toffee-tastic cookie this season, need not fret. Cookie donations can be sent to military personnel through a "Cookie Shareā€¯ program (coordinate this with your local council). 

Order online from your neighborhood Girl Scout through Digital Cookie (you'll need the girl's direct link for this) or find your nearest Samoa supplier by visiting