There's a Catch To The Taco Cleanse


This is horrible news, guys. - THE TACO CLEANSE/FACEBOOK
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  • This is horrible news, guys.
Put that al pastor down, mijos and mijas. The tacos featured in Workman Publishing's just-released The Taco Cleanse are strictly vegan. 

Now, for you vegan pals out there (hey, that's great, props to you for not eating meat) this is probably amazing information. More ways to eat tacos so you don't have to just order the avocado slices at the taco truck. 

But for the rest of us, this is pretty disheartening news. I'm chalking it up to the post-holiday haze I was in when I cheerfully shared the Eater article that announced the book's arrival. "A taco cleanse!" I thought, " How novel! Surely, this is I diet I can stick to. Six lengua tacos, kind sir. Pile on the cilantro!"

No. Instead, it's 75 recipes from a bunch of Austinites that think it's cute to call themselves Taco Scientists. Show us your taco Ph.Ds, "taco scientists." Show us your peer-reviewed journals!

Obviously this book is all in fun, and their "What's this all about" section is actually quite funny. I'm sure the recipes are tight, or whatever. But I can't live in a world where I can't have carnitas, man. I just can't. 

If you want to get down with the The Taco Cleanse, you can order it from most book retailers and indie bookstores.