Stay Dry, Get Wet in These Local Bars This Weekend


If only it was raining liquor. - YOUTUBE
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  • If only it was raining liquor.

My god this weather is shitty! Call it climate change, call it armageddon, call it much-needed manna from the heavens but just call it off!

With the perpetual deluges we've been receiving lately it's not crazy to want to crawl under the covers and never come out. Especially since our two modes of forecast ping-pong back and forth between torrential downpour and 90-degree sauna. However, rather than attempting to avoid the unavoidable, what better excuse to hole up in a hole in the wall – just do it quick so that you can tell your boss and family that the rain and road closures forced you into it.

Here's a list of some local bars in which to escape the Great Flood 2.0.


This humble burger joint with an incredible jukebox and modest beverage selection is the perfect place to escape the rain ... and the Pearl crowd. It's located right off of Broadway, backed up to the shopping center and possesses $2 draft Miller High Life and $2.50 pours of Shiner, Miller Lite, Alamo Golden Ale and Bud Light. They've also got $2 bottles of Pearl, Michelob Ultra, Dos XX, Blue Moon, Shiner Bock and Bohemia. For the easy-to-please wine drinker white zin, chardonnay and cabernet are $3.75. Timbo's, 1639 Broadway, 

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  • A tiki drink, what do you think?

Concrete Jungle

This tiki-themed craft cocktail bar is the perfect faux-beach getaway. Complete with straw huts, human-sized tiki decor and a patio to watch the rain, it's the ideal spot to hide out and get sloshed, complete with miniature umbrella. Concrete Jungle, 1628 S. Presa St., (210) 373-9907

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Texas T Pub

Winner of our best dive bar category in this year's Best Of San Antonio readers' poll, the Texas T Pub is a perfect spot to watch some daytime TV, brush up on your pool game or feed the internet jukebox. You can also work on your tan in the glow of one of their slot machines. Texas T Pub, 121 Broadway St., (210) 271-1058

Vegas Bar

For those in the Medical Center area with a hankering for some devil-may-care action (that's a "Viva Las Vegas" reference, square) head on over to Vegas Bar. Although it's a rather large bar tucked into a shopping center corner at Huebner and Babcock, it's usually pretty laid back. Perfect for watching sports and ignoring the world around you. Not that the clientelle are wack, mind you, it's just the perfect anonymous joint. Bring dollars for the jukebox, lest you get a Nickelback-happy regular. Vegas Bar, 8826 Huebner Road, (210) 691-5552

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub

This Riverwalk piano bar, although Riverwalk priced, is a great place to sing your blues away, along with the tourists that frequent it and any one of the fantastic performers that make their living in the dark pub. Added bonus: The peanuts are free and you can throw the shells on the floor. Insider tip: Don't ask for "Piano Man." Do ask for "Bohemian Rhapsody," but expect to tip fat. Durty Nelly's Irish Pub, 200 S. Alamo St., (210) 224-3343

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