Summer Upgrades: 4 Boozy Slushes to Try Now


The Real Thing (left) and Real Fruit Means It's Healthy, Right? - JESSICA ELIZARRARAS
  • Jessica Elizarraras
  • The Real Thing (left) and Real Fruit Means It's Healthy, Right?

I’m not one to advocate low-key imbibing. Libations should be enjoyed freely and merrily always … but sometimes the powers that be say otherwise. Not one to carry a flask, I tend to disguise my boozing in Sonic cups.

Because of the multitude of options the drive-in chain is known for, the alcoholic combinations are almost endless. It’s easy enough to replicate favorite flavors or find a new combination of syrups and liqueurs without breaking your budget (hello, happy hour from 2 to 4 p.m. daily means half-priced slushes and drinks).

Here are a few combinations we tested inside the Current office using wee bottles of liquor on a recent humid afternoon.

As always, drink responsibly and don’t you dare sip on these in your car. These are best enjoyed anywhere you find a cool breeze or cooler pool.

Real Fruit Means It’s Healthy, Right?
We kept it relatively simple with our first combination. Stick a mini umbrella in it and it’s basically tiki, right?

1 medium strawberry real fruit slush
1 ounce rum of your choice (we used Bacardi)

Coconut Makes Everything Better
Another contender for our faux healthy category, we dabbled in New Amsterdam flavor vodkas for this concoction. Cherry limemades are already near perfect, but Sonic is currently offering them in frozen form and it makes for easy sippin’ when combined New Amsterdam’s coconut vodka. Close your eyes and picture sand between your toes or go a step further and pour this into a coconut shell to really get the tropical effect.

1 medium frozen cherry limeade
1 ounce coconut vodka of your choice

Coconut Makes Everything Better (left) and Make it a Marg (right) - BRYAN RINDFUSS
  • Bryan Rindfuss
  • Coconut Makes Everything Better (left) and Make it a Marg (right)
Make it a Marg
Sometimes you need to cool down with an emergency margarita. If you’re not in the business of putting pants on and paying $10 bones for a top-shelf marg, pick up a frozen lemonade or limemade and doctor as we did below. Toss in some Twang beer salt for good measure.

1 medium frozen lemonade
1 ounce reposado tequila of choice (we went with Dulce Vida)
Half ounce orange liqueur

The Real Thing
While perusing the menu at the driven-in, we were enticed by the mention of bourbon. Of course, Sonic only uses a hand-mixed ice cream with oak-barrel aged bourbon “flavor.” Not good enough. We sweetened the shake with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

1 medium bourbon brown sugar creamery shake
1 ounce honey whiskey