San Antonio 100: Mint Chocolate Cupcakes from Green Are Dangerously Good


  • Erin Winch

We're compiling a list of our favorite 100 dishes in the city with the San Antonio 100. Check back weekly for a new dish we love that either screams SA or you need to enjoy ASAP.

As one of the first budget-friendly establishments in the Pearl, Green Vegetarian Cuisine quickly became a popular joint to hit up while visiting the historic brewery. The restaurant offers a vegetarian alternative to the dishes that are typically seen on menus in the area. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good steak as much as the next carnivorous foodie, so what exactly is it that keeps me going to Green time and time again? The cupcakes.

Green makes a variety of all 
vegan desserts which are to die for. Most go for the ‘cream’-filled cupcake, but my favorite by far is the mint chocolate. On my most recent trip to Green, the cupcake was made ‘spooky’ with a Oreo tombstone (did you know they were vegan?!) with the letter RIP in white icing. Typically the cupcake comes with a chocolate drizzle, but I can’t say I could complain about the extra garnish.

The cupcake itself is a chocolate base made vegan-friendly by substituting the eggs that would typically act as a binding agent for applesauce. The replacement leaves you with a light, airy cupcake that fits perfectly with the mint cream that tops the base. The frosting is what makes the cupcake, the mint flavor is perfectly balanced, just a hint of it while not over-doing the taste or over-powering the chocolate bottom. In addition to the applesauce/egg switch, the eatery makes a frosting out of soy milk, versus the usually dairy based recipe; they naturally add the mint flavoring and then top the cupcake with a little chocolate drizzle, (also vegan).

The dessert case - YELP,  JODY H..

Now if you ask me, the only way to eat this cake is by taking the bottom half, smashing on top of the icing, and making a cupcake sandwich — but to each their own. No matter how you enjoy yours at $3 bucks a piece, Green's cupcakes are worth trying.

200 E. Grayson St., Suite 120, (210) 320-5865; and 10003 NW Military, Suite 2115, (210) 223-1249.

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