Torchy's Sues Over "Damn Good Tacos"



Torchy's Tacos
says don't mess with their "damn good tacos.”

Last week the Austin franchise filed suit against a Fort Collins restaurant, Dam Good Tacos, for infringing on its trademarked catchphrase.

Torchy’s sent a cease and desist letter in November, concerned that the similar sounding names would confuse customers. Dam Good Tacos did not budge, leaving Torchy’s no other choice but to sue.

Torchy’s general counsel John Stenson explained that the company even offered to help cover the costs of changing their name.

“They refused our offer and we were left with no choice but to file suit to protect our trademark and our brand,” he wrote in an email statement.

In 2008 Torchy’s registered its “Damn Good Tacos” tagline with the U.S Patent and Trademark office, two years after the Colorado restaurant opened. An owner of the Colorado taco restaurant declined to comment on the case, but the company has released a statement on their Facebook page.