Iron Chef Gauntlet: Jason Dady Cruises to Episode 2


  • Photo Courtesy of Food Network

Crawfish and rosé were flowing during Sunday night's Iron Chef Gauntlet viewing party at Jason Dady's Shuck Shack with a guest appearance by Chicago's chef Sarah Grueneberg.

Like most predicted, Dady is a natural on camera and was even able to tackle baited questions by Brown, expertly.

We won't keep you in suspense: Dady totally cruised into safety after nailing the Chairman's Challenge (Brown is the Chairman now?! À la cuisine, I guess) themed after Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" using woodland creatures. Dady's dish of mushroom-crusted elk, plated to resemble a wooded forest, got passed the Brown sniff test. Chicago's Stephanie Izard, the first-ever female Top Chef, ultimately won the challenge and picked a chef to compete against last place Grueneberg.

Grueneberg, though, went on to win the Showdown against chef Nyesha Arrington of L.A., a Top Chef Texas contender, who wowed the judges with her lobster dishes, but fell short by two points.

Dady and Grueneberg answered a few questions on taping, but left the crowd with more questions as to who ends up the overall victor.

The next installment of Iron Chef Gaunlet will air Sunday at 8 p.m. Central.

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