Honeysuckle Is Taking Us to the Upside Down



If you have already started rewatching Stranger Things in anticipation of the new season (out October 27 on Netflix), you'll want to get your tickets for this on.

Honeysuckle Teatime will debut Eggos for Eleven, a new milkshake with a vanilla chai base, homemade cake waffle, '80s candy and spooky special effects on Sunday, October 15 at Brick from 2 to 4 p.m. Olivia and Sarah Hinojosa are also trying their hands at new items including  a bubbling rosewater lemonade with a few drops of fake blood dubbed "Barb's Pool Water," and "Chocolate Goo You Eat With a Spoon," a fancy homemade chocolate pudding cup with "real" Nilla Wafers. Reserve your milkshake for Sunday's event at Brick (though they'll have a few extras) through eventbrite.com.

~Bonus~ If you missed your chance at spooky Halloween shakes (pictured above), Honeysuckle Teatime will pop-up on the spookiest day of them all, Friday the 13th, at Clamp Light Gallery from 7 to 10 p.m. Reserve that shake here.