Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Bringing Back Refreshing Menu Item on Friday for Stranger Things Promotion


Last week San Antonio learned just how cool Bill Miller Bar-B-Q is with its "Stranger Things Have Happened" promotion.

Yeah, the one that brings back a fan favorite menu item every Friday beginning at 9 a.m., and well... until supplies last.

San Antonians got to enjoy the cherry cobbler last Friday for the first time in eighteen years. Eighteen years!! Via press release, BMBBQ said it sold more than 21,000 portions of the dessert and sold out at all locations, many before lunchtime.

“Who knew that fans would be this nostalgic over our food?" said Barbara Newman, the company's controller. "It’s both flattering and humbling. We’re excited about the other items that will be coming from the ‘other side’ and what might come back again.”

As for the menu item coming back tomorrow morning... you'll be able to enjoy fruit salad, y'all.

If that isn't your thing, there's always next week. The Stranger Things promo is running through the end of the month, so there's two more menu items to return from the other side.

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