This San Antonio Restaurant Is Making Nutella-Filled Rosca De Reyes


  • Jessica Elizarraras

As Stone Oak's Marioli prepares to turn 10 this year, chef-owner Mariana Oliver is honing in on authentic Mexican fare and adding a twist to the traditional rosca de reyes.

Enjoyed on January 5 leading into the 6 to celebrate Epiphany (when the Magi reached 8-ounce, 6-pound Baby Jesus), the roscon or rosca de reyes is akin to King's Cake eaten through Mardi Gras. For Mexicans and Mexican Americans, the tradition involves stuffing a plastic Jesus figurine into the brioche and decorating it with colorful toppings as you would a crown. Whoever gets the baby Jesus is tasked with throwing a tamalada on February 2 during the Feast of Our Lady of Candelaria.

"The fruits represent the jewels," said Oliver who decorates her roscas with almond paste, peach slices, Maraschino cherries and pecans.

At Marioli, the shop known for it's baked goods, Mexican entrees and tacos al pastor, the roscas are available in plain ($25) and Nutella varieties ($30). Roscas are available on a first come, first served basis through January 6.

18730 Tuscany Stone, (210) 496-1111.