Southtown Juice Shop Offers "F$#! Da Flu" Shots


  • Jessica Elizarraras

With the onset of an early flu season, a particularly "nasty" strain of it, and no peak in sight to a season that's already led to more than 11,000 hospitalizations according to the latest CDC report, one San Antonio juice shop is fed up.

To that effect, the owners of Squeezers Juice Co. are offering "F$#! Da Flu" shots as of this week. Made up of freshly squeezed ginger, lemon, turmeric, apples, carrots and cayenne pepper, the 2-ounce shots are available for $3 each.

"A lot of friends and fam in San Antonio have been catching bad cases of the flu. Please take care of your body this flu season, if you need some help we got you at #SQUeeZeRS!," said the post in which they first shared the shot.

Try the shots if you hate the flu, if you're taking every precaution or if want to bank on the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric. It doesn't hurt to try?

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