IHOP is Now (Temporarily) IHOB and Whataburger Has Some Opinions


  • ihop.com

Last week, the restaurant chain formerly known as the International House of Pancakes released a tweet that teased out a new direction in which the pancake house would ditch the P for a suspicious B.

After a week's worth of tweets with words spelled with Bs instead of the usual Ps, the brand announced their new name this morning with a resounding sad trombone: International House of Burgers.

But the rebrand to IHOB is only temporary and serves to showcase a new lineup of steak burgers, such as the Big Brunch burger, Cowboy BBQ burger and a Mushroom Swiss take. Omelets and pancakes are still available.

IHOB could have gone the easy route with brunch or breakfast or bacon. Does the U.S. really need more burgers? Or a whole campaign around a new burger menu?

Twitter is already going in:

Even Whataburger got in on the fun:

Others found a glaring similarity to another brand. We're just wondering why they didn't go with Big Red and barbacoa. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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