Cocktail of the Week: I Said Aloe at George's Keep


  • Erin Winch

Bars put out menus littered with sweet and fruity drinks during summer. They throw different juices into cocktails hoping that they will become the ultimate summer cocktail perfect for sippin' on a hot summer day. Once the temperature in San Antonio starts reaching triple-digits, you can say goodbye to the whiskey-based winter cocktails, which are replaced by the crisper, easier-to-drink spirits like gin, vodka, and blanco or silver tequilas.

George’s Keep in the Eilan Hotel on the North Side has managed to find a balance in a boozy cocktail that is light for the summer weather. Nick Kenna, bar manager at George’s, created the I said, “Aloe” which features Chareau Aloe liqueur, Ford’s Gin, and Bitterman’s honey bitters. The drink is minimal, clear, and only served with a single mint leaf as garnish. The I Said Aloe was created as the summer alternative for cocktail enthusiasts that typically enjoy boozy cocktails like Manhattans and Sazeracs. The combination of the California-made aloe liqueur, which adds just a hint of sweetness, and the dry gin that are served on a large block of ice makes it perfect to enjoy during the warmer months.

Though the concoction is crisp, clean, it does come with a kick. The name for the drink came from the The Labyrinth, when the worm responds to Jennifer Connelly’s lead character with “I said ‘ello.” If you find yourself sipping on this aloe cocktail make sure to drink plenty of water and pace yourself or you may end up in a maze of your own.

Erin Winch writes about boozin' in the Alamo City on her blog Drinking In SA. Follow her on Instagram at for more.
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