Woman Finds Mud in Whataburger Chicken Sandwich, Said It's Because She Requested a Different Kind of Bread


  • Facebook / Yesenia Sanchez
On Sunday, Baytown resident Yesenia Sanchez uncovered a glob of mud in her Whataburger sandwich.

While the particular location (Decker and Garth) is currently holding down a respectable 4.2 stars on Google, the photo and video evidence is nearly incontrovertible. A true sadist can watch a video in which the victim evinces the viscosity of the alleged mud.

Regard said mud, where was it obtained? Is there a mud pit in this Whataburger for such occasions? In every Whataburger?

An equally concerning (and hitherto unmentioned) aspect of this whole episode is the milky white discharge pooling in the lettuce.
  • Facebook / Yesenia Sanchez
Could it be water that seeped out of a tomato that caught a strange glare? Is this just what fast food lettuce does when exposed to heat?

Or, did the fast food employees (whom Sanchez names in her Facebook post, if you're interested) decide that mud was not retribution enough and desire to fasten it with a juicy spit-wad?

Sanchez theorizes that the cooks enacted vengeance for her requesting a different kind of bread for her sandwich.
Anyone who has worked in food service for more than 30 seconds can imagine the fit of emotions that leads to such a display.

Erstwhile, anyone who has listened to other people order at coffee shops knows that "change out the bread, please" is hardly insurmountably fussy.

So while it's possible to connive sympathy for the downtrodden fast food worker who was finally pushed over the edge, our hero is certainly the intrepid woman who refused to eat wet dirt.

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