Inner City Greens: Interstellar Farm’s Organic Microgreens are Finding Their Way Onto San Antonio Tables


  • Courtesy of Interstellar Farm
With 12 years of organic farming under his belt, Chris Babis launched Interstellar Farm in January, growing a small-but-mighty product inside a near-downtown warehouse.

Using high-efficiency LED grow lights inside urban food hub Local Sprout, Babis raises nutrient-dense, non-GMO microgreens that are fast developing a local following. Since he started the business, they’ve become a plate staple for restaurants including The Hoppy Monk, Restaurant Gwendolyn, Bakery Lorraine and The Good Kind.

“I think there’s a huge demand for healthy, locally grown foods, especially things that are plant-based and good sources of protein,” Babis said. “The food that most people are used to getting at the grocery store just really doesn’t have a lot of flavor. I think the that’s why the microgreens stand out to people.”

Interstellar Farm has since launched pickup and select delivery services for San Antonio customers, and recently teamed up with fellow Local Sprout business PickledSA to create special microgreen and pickled veggie salads for catering functions.

While restaurant accounts currently make up a large share of the business, Babis is also targeting home cooks. For those customers interested in adding more flavor, nutrition and style to everyday dishes, the farm offers home delivery for microgreen mixes (8 oz. for $10) and sunflower shoots (8 oz. for $10; 16 oz. for $18).

Babis also offers tours to those curious to see his urban cultivation project up close.

“That’s one of the great things about growing things locally,” he said. “Not only are we part of the community, but we’re also restoring some of civics back into agriculture, where people feel connected to the place where the food is grown, but and the people who grow it.”

Interstellar accepts online orders at

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