Coma Dose


Current contributor and esteemed pop-music critic Serene Dominic (author of the definitive look at Burt Bacharach's song catalog) recently profiled SA trio Girl in a Coma for Phoenix New Times and subsequently communed with the band for a podcast interview when they made a tour stop in the Valley of the Sun.

Throwing out the musician-interview playbook, Dominic instead allowed the girls to choose between three types of prepared questions: Job interview, James Lipton, and Barbara Walters. Bassist Jenn Alva took the job-interview questions, adroitly deflecting an inquiry about her greatest weakness. Singer Nina Diaz fielded the Lipton questions and volunteered her favorite curse word (three guesses) and her least-favorite sound. Drummer Phanie Diaz gamely handled the inevitable "What kind of tree would you like to be?" with an inclusive response guaranteed to satisfy lovers of pines and redwoods alike. Best of all, Dominic pinned her down on the great existential choices of our day: Ashlee Simpson or O.J. Simpson?; O.J. Simpson or Ashford & Simpson?

For their efforts, Girl in a Coma walked away with a prized picture of Dominic's parents making out, and the satisfaction of knowing they're appearing on the first episode of his pop-culture podcast.

To check out the podcast, go to the following link: