Honor guard


Following a second request from the Texas Republican Party, Representative Rick Noriega, Democratic candidate for John Cornyn's U.S. Senate seat and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, today released military records to the public. We've provided the link here in case his campaign's fear that the Republicans are planning to swift boat him prove true -- you'll be able to judge the raw material yourself.

One Officer Evaluation Report summary begins "The intent of this OER is to reflect an officer at the very top, in terms of both performance and potential," and goes on to praise Noriega's leadership and relationship-building skills and unlimited potential. The move may backfire in more than one respect, since the phone-in press conference gave Noriega the opportunity to talk about Cornyn's spotty attention to veterans' issues.

The five-time Houston State Rep faces Ray McMurrey, Rhett Smith, and Gene Kelly in the March 4 primary. Still not sure where to vote or what else is on the ballot? Check with the Bexar County Elections Department. All you need is your address.