Populism! Yeah, yeah!



The sight of this, made me remember this, which I forgot to tell you all about. They have little to do with one another (except that they’re both about U.S. presidents), but I have a feeling the sight of Paul Giamatti in a powdered wig might be nearly as endearing as a winking emo musical concerning the life of Andrew Jackson.

While in Los Angeles last month, I was able to witness the premieres of around ten new works, this being one of them. The writer/director of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is the incredibly young Alex Timbers, co-creator of A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant, which I’m dying to see performed in this here vicinity. The inspiration for this project came, apparently, from a sudden interest in emo culture.

BBAJ is a show that, unlike John Adams (or so’s the word), will actually keep you awake. Truly, I’ve never seen so many young people in the theater as I did at this show — did I mention it’s about Andrew-fucking-Jackson for crying out loud? — and afterward, my fellow travelers were trying to find merch in the lobby. There’s a live band onstage, incessant swearing, mocking portrayals of cutting, and, obviously, heaps upon heaps irreverence. What’s not to love? A saggy second act maybe …

Anyway, until the glorious day when BBAJ plays a theater near us, definitely entertain yourself with the soundtrack at (shudder) the MySpace page. You’ll be belting, “Populism! Yeah, yeah!” for days.