AT&T bails for DFW; Scott Ritter calls foul on media nuke darling


Two noteworthy items worth your limited attention span this afternoon:

Express-News loses excuse for treating AT&T with kid gloves!

Telecom implicated in President's warrantless wiretapping program announces it's moving headquarters (700 of 6,000 employees, and all the golf clubs) to DFW ... because they have a bigger airport. (That's right, but in SA you'll never have to land in Denton and drive in to the gate).


Former UN weapons inspector (and WMD whistleblower) Scott Ritter, profiled in the Current and our sister Times-Shamrock alts last fall, talks about the suspect credentials of media nuke "expert" David Albright of the self-founded Institute for Science and International Security, who's being trotted out to ramp up the attack-Iran-now rhetoric.